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Boardwalk would spoil Worthing Beach

Nigel and Asa-Britt Bradshaw

Boardwalk would spoil  Worthing Beach

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WE HAVE BEEN visitors to Barbados for several weeks each year since 2004 after having lived and worked here for a few years prior to that. Over that time, as good ambassadors for Barbados, we have persuaded well over 300 friends and relations to join us in enjoying a Worthing beach holiday – thereby contributing, albeit modestly, to the tourism figures mentioned in Tuesday’s DAILY NATION.

This year we are a little dismayed at hearing rumours there may be plans to extend the south coast boardwalk from Rockley to St Lawrence Gap.

This stretch of coast has one of the few remaining easily accessible and relatively unspoilt “town” beaches enjoyed by a happy mix of local residents and visitors. It is also a beach where we have witnessed both the laying and hatching of turtle eggs over the years  – a habitat that would be destroyed by the construction of a boardwalk.

Judging by recent events in Hastings, a boardwalk may inadvertently contribute to security problems. In addition, the IDB assessment report on the “Coastal Infrastructure Programme” that helped finance the south and west coast boardwalks, popular with morning and evening walkers as they are, was rather negative about their economic benefits to the country.

Can we hope that the rumours are just that, rumours, and Worthing beach will be left as it is?

– Nigel and Asa-Britt Bradshaw