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Dark Horse spoiling Barbados’ image


Dark Horse spoiling Barbados’ image

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I WOULD LIKE to respond to the article in the WEEKEND Nation newspaper (Friday, January 28), headlined: Night Club Blues regarding the Dark Horse Gentlemen’s Club.

I am a resident of Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church, and live directly opposite the Dark Horse. I wish to comment on the article for clarification.

The response by Felix Broomes, I would say, is typical and expected and I would not wish to waste ink to reply.

Regarding the manager from Sea Breeze Hotel, saying he has no problem with the Dark Horse is due to the fact that his operation is not close to the establishment and the noise is not shared by his hotel. He says he has driven by at 11 p.m. and the place is usually in darkness and quiet. To clarify, the Dark Horse does not open prior to 11 p.m.

I will admit that efforts have been made to reduce the noise level coming from within. However, the constant background drumming continues throughout the entire night, although it is said that the place has been soundproofed. It wakes most of the residents in the direct vicinity due to the stillness of the night.

Patrons staying in the Vervan Apartments, opposite the Dark Horse, have complained, and some have commented that they did not expect this type of activity in this area and were very concerned about it. They have stated that although this is a very nice area, the noise and type of activity being conducted was not expected and they will not be returning.

When patrons leave the club, there is loud talking, laughing, and foul language, coinciding with the revving of car engines and the noise level from that is a source of complaint.

As regards to the comment made by one of the women who was solicited by the reporter, I wish to add that her “integrity” would never be in question, because she apparently has little.

I was not aware that prostitution was legal in any part of Barbados, but I stand to be corrected.

As a resident, living very close to the club, I can attest to the fact that disgusting behaviour has occurred outside the club and abusive language, arguing, and fighting between the women has been observed.

I ask you, when has a brothel been legalised in Barbados? Many residents have contacted the Barbados Police Force concerning this establishment. However, as is the case, the authorities have ignored this establishment’s continuous operation.

I applaud the NATION’s investigative reporting on the Dark Horse.

It behoves me to understand why casinos are “taboo” in Barbados, due to the religious tiptoeing that must be observed, but yet allowing prostitution to be conducted from this establishment does not seem to raise any flags in the morality scale.