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No disconnect between church and society

Michael Ray

No disconnect between church and society

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YES, the “Church must be place of solace again” – Editorial, SUNDAY SUN January 31.

But in humble and respectful submission to the points made, may I say that the Church is not an edifice only, the Church consists of the very persons who are part and parcel of the society in which we live.

Individually and collectively, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we are called to minister to our immediate environment and beyond, whenever possible.

There is really no disconnect between the Church and society, because the society (collective individuals) is the Church.

However, without enough resources, human, financial or otherwise, the Church cannot be as effective and of greater assistance to addicts, the needy, the infirmed, the lonely or those grieving for whatever cause or reason.

Realistically, in today’s world, the Church’s evangelical, missionary and outreach programmes must be adequately supported in order to have a meaningful impact.