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Arawak cleans up, but may not be cause of spill


Arawak cleans up, but may not be cause of spill

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Arawak Cement Plant might not be responsible for Thursday’s oil spill after all.

After an investigation and clean-up on Shermans Beach, St Lucy, by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), there is now some doubt over exactly what is going on in the waters off the island’s north coast.

In a Press release yesterday, Matthew Thornhill, Arawak’s optimisation manager – who was on site for the clean-up operation – reconfirmed that during the removal of an old oil line at the plant’s jetty on Thursday, a section of it accidentally fell into the sea and some oil was spilt. 

However, the release stated that, upon investigation an EPD team reported some discrepancies.

“Officials from the EPD visited the site today and met with representatives of the plant. Initial reports indicate that the oil on the beach is of a different quality and does not match the oil from Arawak’s inactive line, strongly suggesting that there is another source. 

“While there is no confirmation that the oil that washed up on Shermans Beach is from an incident at the Arawak Cement plant’s jetty, a team from the company has today executed a successful clean-up of the beach.”

In the release, Thornhill said they wanted to minimise any impact regardless of the source of the oil.

“We did not wait to assess whether the oil on the beach was caused by the incident at our jetty but were keen on minimising any impact that may have been caused by ensuring that there was a quick clean-up of the beach.

“We are happy to state that there is now no visible sign of oil on the beach or on the water,” he said, adding that together with the authorities they would continue to monitor the environment.

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