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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Boundary shift in air


FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Boundary shift in air

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IS  A FRONTIER shift forthcoming?

That was the big talking point late this week as word spread that the saving grace on at least two occasions for George Porgie will be no more next time. People must walk out a lot of shores after the bell is rung.

The word making the round is that being cut off from the Lakes to the area down by goat breeder and even back to the clay men will be the hill known for its oranges.

 The suggestion is that any realignment will be motivated purely by the changing demographics of the 21st century and no smart planning.

But then again, the shifting sands could affect many others as well, who may see safe ground move from under their feet and a sink hole open up.

All wait with opened mouths to see whether these things will really come to past.

Rumblings in the ranks

A team of young Turks is once again being asked to account for the financing of their lavish campaign which propelled them to victory last year.

The question that was first asked by some people near the Garrison is being asked in the wider public.

 On the first time the question was raised, one ambitious youth said in response: it is not as easy as that.

The answer most people expected to hear was either: yes or no.

Now it is known that at least one personage from the team is being groomed to participate in a national assault within at least another two years. People near the Garrison are asking whether these Young Turks have taken them for a ride.

In the meantime, the message being sent to the comrade-in-chief of the Young Turks is that he should merely be in the big chair when they are all gathered near the Garrison and that his other duty is to put his fist on the bill of exchange.

Anxious to relocate

When will the relocation eventually occur?

That is the  question many people near to Government Headquarters  are asking.

They feel that it is wrong to keep them in a condemned edifice as if someone should write a script and then shoot a movie entitled Paltry by the Bay.

 But then, despite the appalling situation, a new spot therein has been found for Sister Dolittle.

The feeling is that the man who spends hour after hour near Government Headquarters promoting the work of the Blessed Virgin rather than charting a new path for the information age may use some of the time to teach Sister Dolittle how to use today’s technology.

In the meantime, the people affected  are anxiously hoping that the bank loan comes through and then off to the hill two miles away where they can eventually settle. For more information please visit

Not in party mood

Someone seems to be making sport at sports once again, with word of an intended party at the end of February.

While some have been claiming that the staff party is a late Christmas get-together, others are wondering if it will be a late Valentine do, although very little love abounds at the “blame them” workplace.

However, after the recent rumours many are concerned that it may be a Last Supper.

In the interim, the only hold-up is finding a venue to feed the former 5 000.