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MAVIS BECKLES: Some things just amazing


MAVIS BECKLES: Some things just amazing

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I cahn understand this Aedes egypti mosquito. Wha’ more duh gine blame he fuh? Wha’ more this li’l black and white mosquito gine do?

I have always asked people tuh tell me the reason fuh a mosquito, any mosquito fuh dah matter, and up tuh now I cahn get a sensible answer. I know dat everything in life has a balance – flies, mice, rats, moths, birds, bees and frogs, tuh name a few, but things like centipedes and mosquitoes? I ain’t know the purpose fuh dem.

Well, it look tuh me dat the real purpose fuh a mosquito, especially the Aedes aegypti mosquito, is tuh break up humans all the time. It is amazing how a li’l igrant mosquito like dat could wheel and come again wid a different virus all the time. From the time the humans get ovah one disease dat get spread by this li’l black and white mosquito, he does introduce dem tuh another one, worse than the one before. When it ain’t dengue, it is chickungunya and now it is Zika. But where duh does get these names from, though?

It is amazing how people could take it upon demselves tuh set up house pon a spot o’ land dat dem ain’t put out a cent fuh and start a family.

It is amazing how these people could be allowed tuh live there comfortably fuh years and years before the Government people start telling dem dat duh have tuh pack up and move.

You mean tuh tell me dat nuhbody couldn’t stop all o’ dah lot o’ building from going on? Wha’ it ain’t happen ovahnight, it happen over a number of years. How dem people getting water and electricity? How dem does dispose o’ duh garbage and waste? I am sure dat some o’ dem houses got in all the nicest furnishings ya could find and duh ain’t paying a cent tuh a boy fuh either mortgage or rent.

But it ain’t dem fault. I cahn blame dem at all. Evahbody nowadays like duh does want something fuh nothing. If dem see a good piece o’ land dat nuhbody ain’t using and dem want some place tuh live, well, wha’ ya want dem tuh do? Dem done know dat by the time the authorities catch duh selves, dem would be well established and the people gine start saying how unfair the Government is.

Another thing dat I find amazing is how the authorities could allow some taxi drivers tuh take it upon demselves tuh charge the tourists extra if duh want air-condition. So suppose the windows was open all the time and then all of a sudden the rain come down and the driver got tuh roll up the windows? He gine stop and tell the tourists dat duh gotta pay extra because he have tuh put on the AC? Suppose duh refuse? He gine stop the taxi and tell dem get out? Well, I tell ya, and these same taxi drivers does get concessions when duh bringing in dah same taxi, hear? Some people too unfair, though.

Something else dat I find amazing is the roadside mechanics who does take it pon demselves tuh set up duh shop where duh live wid-out regard fuh anybody. It is amazing how some o’ dem does got the whole place block up wid all kinds o’ derelict vehicles. Sometimes some o’ the vehicles does be there fuh suh long dat the bush and grass does got dem cover up.

It is amazing how some o’ these roadside mechanics does be in good areas where people want tuh live in peace and quiet and want tuh keep duh surroundings as clean as possible but the noise from the lot o’ vehicles coming and going all the time, the dust, the loud talking, the arguments and cussing from the men who does be congregating does make life miserable fuh the residents.

It is amazing how evahbody want tuh do as duh like and want tuh be a law ontuh duhselves; but hey, if the people in authority allow dem tuh get away wid it, why not?

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.

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