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PUDDING AND SOUSE: Something’s hitting fan


PUDDING AND SOUSE: Something’s hitting fan

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ONE girl has been fired and another is still on suspension as heat is stepped up at a City business that is losing face in the public domain.

The curly-haired boss is beginning to feel the heat of his sinful ways and is trying to pull back the horse after it has bolted.

The fired worker fainted after she got the news, since she never expected that a boss she has been sleeping with and doing his dirt for so long, would do something like this to her. She has sworn that there will be a tell-all coming soon and this is being done in conjunction with the suspended worker, who has an equally long list of dirt that she too has done for him.

All of the files that she stole from another company and shared with him will now become public knowledge as she digs in to pull this short man from his lofty heights.

She says it’s not her policy to be used and abused, and these explosive files will be seen by all and his partner in profit, from whom he is trying to hide some of his dirtiness, will then better understand the extent of his skulduggery.

His ex, who is working overtime to find out the source of the information, will now have to redouble her efforts since she too was walked over and dumped after going on the high seas to pick a fight with him in front of his friends. Some in the know say his friends are wondering how he is coping with this onslaught of mud, but then others say that with his piggish personality he can handle mud quite well. Stay tuned.

Drugs in schoolyard

Right on the compound of a school in which the street flows with water as soon as the rain sets up, young schoolboys are pushing drugs.

One man said he could not believe it when he saw, on more than one occasion, the contraband being passed to two students of the school by the “pusherman” to sell.

Since it’s a primary school, some feel that guards, if there are any, ought to be far more vigilant since the time and place of the drop was well coordinated and executed.

P&S was told that the youngsters then weaved their way back into the mix of things like pros at this school in the south.

Dreadful beating

A man who armed himself with his two fists and breathed fire on a dreadlocked brother has tendered his resignation.

Some thought it would have been an unguarded moment for the burly man, who was caught unawares by the “dread”, but that was not to be, as eyewitnesses said they never knew that a man who ate no meat could withstand such a brutal beating all on his own. Every table on which there was meat, the burly man pushed him face down and flogged him.

The dread, in the meantime, says it ain’t finishing so. He wants money, and lots of it. So he is exploring his legal options with the intention of taking on his brutaliser in court. Friends tell P&S that he is even considering eating meat again to see if he could regain some of the size he lost as a result of becoming a vegetarian since there was nothing irie about the way the fight went down.

Da fuh lick ya

IT was licks like peas in a health aide who is always busy in other people’s business.

The aide, who likes long dresses and appears always sad, was washed in licks by a man who is barely mobile.

But since she is always prying into who gets licks from who doesn’t, P&S was given the heads-up on her after the old man called her in front of him and delivered some hot blows.