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TALKBACK: Different views on issue of same-sex union

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Different views on issue of same-sex union

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THE ISSUE OF SAME-SEX MARRIAGE is a very polarising one in Barbados.

It returned to the national conversation last weekend following the publication of a SATURDAY SUN story involving Bajan-Yankee Cheryl McIntosh and her St Lucian partner Maurica Charles, who were recently married in Philadelphia.

McIntosh said she would like Barbados to “open up and let the gay people get married if they wish” and allow them to come out and be themselves.

Online readers remain divided on the topic.

Here are their views:

Sherlock: Is this really front page news? Certainly we could have had a more pleasing headline, we must let these persons know that we can make our own dictates without having to follow patterns that will surely lead to a moral decline. Something is definitely wrong with persons who subscribe to this type of behaviour and for some reason believe that it is right.

Joseph Harding: I do not see what the problem is if same-sex persons want to have a union. I feel that this will never become legal in Barbados as this would mean changes to laws and the various governments are not ready for these changes, neither are the majority of the population. I would like to say something in the defence of lesbians and gays. I feel that persons should be free to practise their sexual orientation as long as they are not affecting others.

Yvette Bentham: Love is love, it’s pure and has no regard for colour, race, sex, religion, etc. Live your life for each other. Barbados is still in the stone age of their backward thinking towards those that don’t share their so-called Christian values.

Ryvan Bigman: It’s true, everyone have their own opinions, but a person should be able to marry whoever they choose. People will always hate, and that’s sad… Congratulations and good luck.

Danielle Smith: Honestly, I wish it can be accepted so the on the low brothers can just come out in peace and the women can be safe from diseases, fakes, and heartbreaks.

Marilyn DB: Yah right people should be able to choose. God give us all the same opportunity to choose whether we want to spend eternity in hell or in heaven. Let people choose.

Bajan Sebastian: Marriage was only made for male and female. God made the man and the woman different from each other. You’re breaking a divine law. Watch what you’re doing and remember we are educated; people we know the truth.

Margreet Thompson: Why every time gay people do their thing, Barbadians have to accept their lifestyle? Barbadians have to come into the 21st Century for expressing their opinions and their Christian believes….if our church choose not to perform same-sex marriages that’s their right too.

Mani Slater: Well the good book told us this is wrong so each man must face his own consequences. Your life do whatever but you will have to answer to God in the end.

• Sherrylyn Toppin is The NATION’s Online Editor.