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Funding setback

Lisa King

Funding setback

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BARBADOS’ EFFORTS at climate change adaptation and mitigation projects may be hampered by lack of access to funds.

Minster of Environment Dr Denis Lowe said several beaches were impacted by erosion and for many beaches and reefs rehabilitation was critical, but to borrow money for projects at this time may jeopardise Barbados’ economic recovery.

“It is costing more to borrow money and the global economic climate is not friendly. Barbados is trying to creep out of a recession and the more we may need to borrow to fix some of these problems the more strain it is going to put on our recovery programme,” Lowe said yesterday.

He was speaking to the media at Silver Sands, Christ Church, where a tour of several beaches as part of a climate change to assess its impact on the south coast beaches, including Crane Beach and Foul Bay in St Philip and Women’s Bay at Silver Sands.

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Nation, or in the eNATION edition.