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THE BARBADOS PORT INC. is on top of things.

This is the essence of a statement released by the port on the build-up of sand at the mouth of the Careenage.

The release said the entity had been monitoring the accumulation and would soon be implementing “more short- and long-term solutions to address the encroachment”.

The port said dredging had been proposed as the first step to a longer term solution, with the intention being to dredge to a depth acceptable for navigation and berthing that would give officials some time to develop a longer-term strategy before ongoing sand accumulation impacted navigation and berth space once again.

The statement said the port was working with coastal engineers, Baird & Associates, the Coastal Zone Management Unit and surveyors Hart, Hutchinson and Field, to come up with a “holistic, eco-friendly sustainable solution”.

“Over the past year the expansive sand growth at Carlisle Bay (Browne’s and Pebbles beaches) has extended towards the Careenage, affecting its entrance. Stakeholders traversing the area were apprised of the situation and steps were immediately taken to relocate vessels that were directly impacted by the accumulated sand.

“In addition to the harbour master’s installation of floating mark buoys to delineate safe passage in the narrow entrance channel, the BPI has reassigned coastal cruise boats to berths further inside the Careenage, due to loss of berth space close to the entrance.”

It added captains now had to seek permission to enter the Careenage and night time access was not allowed to foreign vessels.

“There have been no reports of any issues from foreign vessels and the port is satisfied that boats permitted in this area are aware to proceed with caution,” it added.