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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Uprising in the flock


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Uprising in the flock

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SOME PEOPLE IN Barbados are praying loud and long and referring specifically to Luke 16:1-18 following the actions of their shepherd.

Word is that this man, who is a big supporter of the truth and should be a symbol of hope for many who flock around him, has apparently been saying one thing and doing something else.

The faithful flock has decided not to act like sheep and are asking why a manor would be placed on the rental market with most of the bread being offered for it given as an allowance to the shepherd.

The issue has led to a lot of unease among the people by the seaside and those in the hills.

The situation has led to a divide within the flock, with a new band of wise men and women giving their support to the shepherd.

While the stray sheep remain grounded in faith, they are asking for action, even an investigation, into the situation not only for justice, but also to ensure that those in faith retain their unity.

Third horse in race

THERE’S A LIKELY outside horse in the race for The Pine. He has been known to wear both hats and could once be found in Roebuck Street but, of late, prefers to be in George Street.

What he has that the rest don’t  have is the backing of the man who pulls the strings for Government. 

While it is felt that the choice is clear between the two who have already been identified for the race, the outside horse is generating a lot of interest on the ground and could cause a big upset.

Some people are suggesting that he also has good support and does a lot of work in The Belle, My Lord’s Hill and Tichbourne, and may therefore be the best man to tackle the black intellectual.

Because the man is a public officer, he may do his groundwork very quietly  until a few weeks before the tolling of  a well known bell, which many expect to ring out loud by the end of next year.

Ducking out of paying

A SENIOR FEMALE OFFICER at an organisation known for making sport has been at the forefront for her non-appearance.

Having employed some men to do work at her residence, she has refused to make the final payment after it was completed. Repeated calls and visits to obtain the final payment have been avoided.

The situation took an ugly turn this past week when the men turned up at the workplace to seek an audience with her boss.

After being on sick leave for almost 365 days, this woman, who is officially not known as being a hardworking and highly productive person, actually resorted to the men in blue to get the workers off her property.

More questions

SOMEOME ONCE SAID they asked the best brains about the prevailing circumstances of the national state of affairs and the prognosis was so good that not only could the once ailing man stand on his feet, he could also carry a heavy load.

Then the man who sought such wise counsel, in order to prove his point, demanded that the flock at the point of entry and departure show their might, and like sheep they did.

Since then the question has been asked again: Who did the research since every one of the fellows who used to be in Deacons at the pouting princess and high priestess of St Christopher all know the facts.

Not even one percentage point upward movement could be pinpointed. So the question being asked on the Young Turks is where will the bread come from to feed the thousands?

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