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MAVIS BECKLES: Principals wid guts


MAVIS BECKLES: Principals wid guts

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I HOPE ALL O’ WUNNA people who opening wunna mouts and making a mountain outta a mole hill now satisfied dat wunna cause a simple disciplinary action dat happened in a school, tuh blow up outta proportion and become a national issue. I hope wunna see all the lotta ignernts got a student outta school fuh weeks and I hope dat wunna feel good and could sleep peacefully at night.

But looka wha’ could happen in this place doh! When a parent could be setting the rules, calling the shots and running things ’bout here, it is bare foolishness. And at the end o’ the day, looka who left holding the mess; it is the same student who refuse tuh take it up in the very first place. Now it aint only a lil piece o’ wrapper, it is a whole bag o’ garbage she left tuh carry.

I hope dat some o’ wunna by now, come tuh realise dat it aint the wrapper, it aint the teacher who tell the student tuh pick up the wrapper, it aint the ministry dat give her the transfer, it aint even the student who refuse tuh pick up the wrapper nor it aint the other schools dat the student get transferred tuh, it is the mother.

I think the mother is fully responsible fuh this whole thing getting tuh this stage. I also think dat she is totally outta place. Furthermore, I think she should open she own school where she could do as she like, when she like and set she own rules.

And ya see all o’ wunna who playing wunna jumping up and carrying on pon the principal, know dat wunna should be shame. All o’ we went tuh school and had tuh be punished in one way or the other but now we doan want we children tuh be disciplined by teachers who have tuh deal wid dem fuh a whole day. But I am happy dat duh still got principals wid guts and who aint afraid tuh set high standards and do what they believe is right. I love principals wid guts.

I could shake the principal of Springer Memorial, Ms Benjamin’s hand. The newspapers say dat she just escorted the student off the premises and close she gate. The article say dat she even ask she tuh take off the school’s uniform. Good girl!

Now you aint want tuh go tuh St Lucy Secondary and was transferred tuh Ellerslie Secondary in Black Rock. Dat is also a big problem because the mother say so, transfer or nuh transfer which the school was willing tuh give the student. The article say dat the mother was adamant dat her child was not going tuh Ellerslie because of a previous experience wid her son, who by the way is studying and working in Canada hear? So ya see what I mean now? The mother running things ’bout here.

Because certain things doan suit her, she ends back up at the same Springer Memorial school; I tell ya! I gine follow the story and see how it turns out.

But dat is why I love principals like Mr Farley and Mr Broomes: wunna could talk wha’ wunna like ’bout dem, duh doan stan’ fuh nuh foolishness nor duh aint frighten fuh none o’ wunna parents neither.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.