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School impasse shines light on littering

Sean St Clair Fields

School impasse shines light on littering

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While Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe has promised to address some of the challenges relating to effective garbage disposal through an amendment to the Sanitation Services Act, I am anxiously looking forward to a parliamentary push for amendments or laws that will effectively dissuade Barbadians from littering once and for all.

Additionally, and having assessed what some believe to be an exercise of adulterous intransigence, the ongoing “wrapper” controversy has proven that our failure to talk to each other can cause sensitive issues to escalate into a clash of divisive perceptions that unfortunately, in this instance, are likely to leave an indelible scar on the psyche of the student at the epicentre.

There is a lot of blame to go around given the circumstances involving the current impasse, but, in my opinion, the issue of littering in Barbados has been allowed to fester for far too long and it is clear that the puss has found its way into other domains. 

I have observed that it is far easier to promote positive behavioural changes when a datum or yardstick of best practice has been established.

When the issue of littering is no longer perceived to be lip service in Barbados, when all who litter find themselves under the full weight of the law, perhaps then and only then will we seek to find common ground as we explore creative ways to address infractions, while encouraging and promoting a cleaner, healthier Barbados for all.

– Sean St Clair Fields