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Harry Potter very real

Clyde Skeete

Harry Potter very real

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HARRY POTTER is far more than a film. Harry Potter is not a fantasy. Harry potter is the religion of witchcraft directly from Satan, the ruler of the occultist.

The Oxford Dictionary describes witchcraft as “the practice of magic, especially black magic, the use of spells, and the invocation of spirits”. Witchcraft is a religion that worships a deity and relies on him for magical power and guidance. It is the mother of pagan, occult religions.

It is also the religion mastered by women. Beware, there are women in Barbados who practise the craft of witchcraft. It is taught in a similar way someone is taught the craft of carpentry or masonry.

Two of the most well known women believers in witchcraft and the occult are J.K. Rowling of the Harry Potter abomination, and Stephanie Meyer, the young Mormon dreamer known for her Twilight series.

On February 6, 2016, it was announced in Florida that J.K. Rowling’s mission was to establish four new schools of wizardry in Africa, Brazil, Japan and North America. The writings of these two target young children and young people.

The pagan witchcraft practice has led to the decline and destruction of powerful nations of the past. We are warned to steer clear of these contacts with the powers of evil and shield our young people from those who profess to be teachers and practitioners of magical, demonic powers.

Where is your money going when you pay to see these movies, buy these novels, and even view them on television? Where are your subscription fees ending up? Certainly you would not want to contribute to a ministry of demons? Would you want to spread the bad news of wizardry to the world?

Clyde Skeete