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Politicians should lead healthier Barbados initiative


Politicians should lead healthier Barbados initiative

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A VISION FOR a healthier country has been put forward by former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health Lionel Weekes.

And this vision starts with those in charge of the country following the lead set by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, who over a year ago revealed a trimmer figure.

Speaking at the Ministry of Health’s third town hall meeting at the Alexandra School in St Peter, last Tuesday night, Weekes said the National Nutrition Centre was in the process of recommending a programme for better nutrition to Government.

“Imagine the whole Parliament of Barbados, imagine the Cabinet of Barbados says we have a financial deficit, but we have a surplus of obesity,” Weekes said.

He explained that it would be good for them to set the example.

“We’re going to have a national programme for health and wellness, where like the honourable Chris Sinckler, we are going to be seen as examples at the highest level,” he added.

Following on from this would be people in the school system, police force and military, before the programme trickled down throughout the country.

Drawing reference to the launch of the 50th anniversary celebrations in January, Weekes said the state of some of the people parading showed how severe the overweight issue was in the country.

“Those of you that had the privilege of watching that 50th Anniversary start in Independence Square, when you saw those people parading on TV, there were a significant number of people, including the national choir and so on, where you could see before your very eyes that we have a major challenge with respect to the overweight in Barbados,” he added. (AD)