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106 and still hearty

LISA KING, [email protected]

106 and still hearty

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AT 106 YEARS OLD, Melville Williams looks  fit enough to climb many more hills than the four he has been trekking all his life on his way home.

Yesterday friends and family of the centenarian threw a party for him at his Four Hill, St Peter home, and he did not miss an opportunity to tell visitors about his sojourn to another landmark.

Barbados’ oldest man, Williams was a picture of good health with no major challenges. He moves around doing his daily chores and enjoys his favourite pastime – reading the newspaper and his daily horoscope – without the aid of glasses.

Four of his nine children, his stepdaughter and two of his many grandchildren were present and ensured that his big moment was not spent alone.

Williams said he was feeling “excellent” on his big day and “a little beside myself with joy”.

“My brain is still good. I went to the doctor the other day and she told me that the brain working just fine. The eyes too; every day I buy the NATION newspaper and I read it and do not need no glasses.” (LK)