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HEALING HERBS: The power of resurrection lily

ANNETTE MAYNARD-WATSON, [email protected]

HEALING HERBS: The power of resurrection lily

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IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for me to imagine a world without trees and medicinal plants. I spiritually recognise that trees and herbal plants carry significant healing energy.

Last week, I took my fourth form social studies students on an environmental tour of the school. We are studying natural resources.

As we examined the areas of focus, the students were extremely excited, their findings were impressive and the verbal reports called into focus the qualities of qualified environmentalists.

What was significant on that journey was a sudden revelation about a non-grassy area around the school.

As I approached it, my spirit was in awe and I continue to recognise that Mother Nature still communicates with me about her herbal kingdom. As I continue to research what I discovered on that environmental tour, the medicinal plant silent doctor resurrection lily sprang up in my consciousness.

Additionally, once we accept our authenticity, the trees and plants will speak and wisdom will guide us.

Kaempferia rotunda linn, also known as the resurrection lily is a Caribbean “spiritual” plant which bears beautiful purple flowers. The colour experts on www. posit: “In the meaning of colours, purple and violet represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. They inspire and enhance psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment, while at the same time keeping us grounded.”

Research revealed that this plant has stunning properties. The webpage reveals that the whole plant, when reduced to powder, can be used in the form of an ointment to heal fresh wounds. When taken internally it removes coagulated blood or purulent matter from the body. 

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