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DLP to focus on doing better, says Pilgrim

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

DLP to focus on doing better, says Pilgrim

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FOR THE DEMOCRATIC Labour Party (DLP) the rest of their tenure in Government is all about doing better for Barbados.

That’s the word from the party’s general secretary George Pilgrim, as they continue to grapple with the results of a recent opinion poll.

Results of the poll, conducted by Systematic Research and Marketing Systems on behalf of a private client, were released on Monday, and it wasn’t pretty.

According to the poll, a whopping 62 per cent of Barbadians prefer a new Government, and  a similarly large percentage cent would choose the opposition Barbados Labour Party in the next general election, constitutionally due in 2018.

Additionally, even though Prime Minister Freundel Stuart made up ground as a popular leader (17 per cent), he still trailed Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley (21 per cent) by four percentage points.

But the Dems are not backing down, says Pilgrim.

“All governments  over the globe are challenged to do better for their people and that is the focus of the DLP. To do better by ensuring, we remain focused on the agenda. The cabinet is hard at work and doing an excellent job,” the general secretary told NATION ONLINE.

He said the poll, which was conducted last month, was filled with shortcomings.

He said the poll’s methodology failed to outline how the 90 districts were selected. “If I wanted to bias the poll’s findings in favor of the Opposition, I would simply go into those districts that supported them, skewing the final results. As it pertains to the findings of the poll, persons in the age group 16 – 24 were asked who they voted for in the previous election. Asking this question to 16-year-old Barbadians would suggest they voted at the age of 14.” 

“Given these findings and many more, I am not convinced the sponsor of the poll got value for money. When one examines the release of the Poll on the hour of our election victory in 2013, the question remains in whose interest was the poll designed the serve,” the DLP general secretary added.

Pilgrim also took the opportunity to Barbadians who had stayed the course with the Dems, allowing them the opportunity to “design a Barbados that responds to a new normal and new imperatives.”

The general secretary noted that all of Government’s effort are taking place amidst comments of the global realities as recently projected by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). (BA)