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It’s time we deal with our issues


It’s time we deal with our issues

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WE ARE being invited by our leaders to help celebrate 50 years of Independence, and given our economic climate, we need to watch all the related costs. With this in mind I would hope that while we promote the glory of our flower shows we promote the planting of our national flower as this important plant does not enjoy anywhere near the prominence that it deserves.

A friend advised that the flag standing in the customer service area of our income tax office in town has been upside down for quite a while. While we may be in distress this is unacceptable and should be an easy fix.

A minister said recently  that Bridgetown is not dirty and it has to be that he has not checked personally. Given the number of photos and complaints daily he needs to stop just settling for being in denial or being defensive. His practice of “trashing” all who criticise is well known and has been ably dealt with on page 29A of your Feb. 14 issue.

He shares the malady of his fellow Members of Parliament’s in putting blame on the previous adminstration for things which the present Government needs to address. For example, in responding to challenges about the merits of the Cahill project all he does is refer to the Mangrove Pond Landfill etc. but offers no rebuttal regarding the popular views that it is not a project that should be undertaken.

It seems that our Prime Minister was assuring us that we had not reached the point of no return and the proposal would get the deserved due diligence and would not be authorised without his authority. The situation at present is not clear to me.

We are to expect 50 new buses and I have to hope that this will mean some increase in our fleet and not be just replacements for those presently on hand.

The protracted solution to our water woes and the comatose state of our judicial system are food for thought for another day.