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HEALING HERBS: Need for spiritual resurrection

ANNETTE MAYNARD-WATSON, [email protected]

HEALING HERBS: Need for spiritual resurrection

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LAST WEEK my social media places were abuzz because readers were craving more information about the resurrection plant. The article was titled The Power Of Resurrection Lily and carried an image of the lily.

In the area of healing, research on the webpage reveals that the tubers have stomachic and aphrodisiac properties and are given in gastric complaints. In the form of a poultice it promotes suppuration. The powder of the tubers is used as a popular local application for mumps and the rhizomes are useful in reducing swelling. This herbal plant can also be used to heal wounds, swollen glands, diabetes and obesity. 

Furthermore, as I was scripting the first draft of this article, I froze in time because I recognised that I had to perform some personal spiritual resurrection rituals. The act of resurrecting means bringing back to use, practice or vibrancy. It can also mean restoring a person to life. How many of you recognise areas in your life that need restoring? 

When I mentally survey the faces and conversations of many Barbadians, I know that there is an urgent need for spiritual resurrection. People are not smiling as before and they are passing each other with grumpy faces. I often wonder if someone must conceptualise a course on happiness and smiling; how to truly restore the basic. I am sure the venue would be sold out because people are searching for solutions.

Resurrection is also needed in the area of coping with life. Most conversations are shifting from being positive to being very negative. I often hear “I feel drained”, “I cannot cope” and “I feel like running away from life” or “I do not like what they are posting on social media about me”.

I implore you that running away will not solve the problem. These situations may appear difficult but we have to approach these situations by facing the challenge, reinforcing positive thinking and instituting forgiveness. Holding on to the disappointment, fear and humiliation can block positive solutions. Let us try to face our fears and recognise that life is designed for us to be challenged and also to find healing solutions.    

I have been through some very difficult and gruelling times and like Moses, I constantly face challenges with courage. Please note that whether we believe it or not, challenges often show up in our lives because at a spiritual level we created them. The good news is, since we are responsible for creating our challenges (karma), we are divinely equipped to heal them.

Keep this sentence in your thoughts for the rest of the year: This too will pass.

• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via [email protected] or by telephone 250-6450.

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