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A series of funny ‘coincidences’


A series of funny ‘coincidences’

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I AM minding my own business, but I would like to know how it is possible that a lottery draw can pull the same five numbers twice in one night for different draws.

On Saturday, January 16, the numbers for the Mega 6 game were drawn and announced live on television as 6-7-10-21-27-30. Not too long after on the same night, the Double Draw numbers were pulled and revealed to be 3-4-7-10-21-27-30. These are also on record online at the Barbados Lottery website.

This in and of itself might have been an amazing phenomenon, if I hadn’t witnessed similar occurrences in the past with local lottery games sharing multiple numbers on the same day. It just so happened that this night had a whole five numbers in common!

These “funny” coincidences might be passed over in other situations, but by their very nature lotteries are supposed to be unpredictable, and therefore it raises some eyebrows.

In the past the televised draws introduced to the public people who were present from the auditing firm. This is no longer done. Why not? It would help with the transparency of the process.

On another aspect of the same matter, I wonder why it is possible for people in Jamaica to pay part of the cost of a Super Lotto ticket and possibly win a portion of the jackpot, and in Barbados we have no such option. Barbadians must instead purchase a ticket at the full $5 cost.

I am sure there are people who would love to have the chance to win even a small part of the big $4 million-plus jackpot and who cannot afford to fork out $5 each time. I am also sure that an organisation would rather pay out part of the winnings from a jackpot rather than the entire amount.

There need to be more transparency and equality in this process.


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