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DEAR CHRISTINE: High school love won’t stick to plans

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DEAR CHRISTINE: High school love won’t stick to plans

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Dear Christine,

DO YOU BELIEVE in Internet love?

I have been in contact with my high school sweetheart for almost a year. We are both 32 years old, and it has been 14 years since we’ve seen each other. My best friend looked him up for me and he begged her to send me his email address. We are both engaged to other people.

His girlfriend is  ten years younger than we are, but we are still in love and find each other very attractive.

At first, he wanted to see me very badly. However, when the date for our meeting approached, he seemed to forget about it. However, he continues to write, and gives me subtle messages that he may still love me.

About three weeks ago he brought up meeting again and began calling. He said he had done enough damage to our relationship and he was serious about getting together this time, but when I asked him to make real plans and set  a date, he ignored me. He just sent jokes and letters about what’s going on with his ex-wife.

What can I do to make him go through with his plans this time? I think he’s scared or just a jerk. Frankly, I’m getting fed up. Should I just stop writing?

– HM


Dear HM,

My answer is yes. What’s the point of writing to him anyway? You have both moved on with your lives and he is obviously carrying some baggage which you do not need at this time.

He’s playing you along and you’re doing the same while both of you are engaged to other people.

You’re sure of what you have in your hand. Stop running behind this fleeting dream  of a man, who’s content to send you jokes and letters about what is going on with his  ex-wife. Who cares? Do you? Do you need to listen to all this?

Stay where you are and be honest  to your fiancé.

Internet love can work, but I don’t see it happening within your current circumstances.