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Too many wrongs making Springer situation worse


Too many wrongs making Springer situation worse

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TWO WRONGS can’t make a right. It must be said after reading article after article about that little 15-year-old girl from Springer Memorial School that ten weeks without any form of tutoring is upon us.

How can a principal who only has the  authority to suspend a student for the maximum of ten school days as stated in the Education Regulations 1982 Act Cap 41 be allowed to get away with such an indiscriminate act against someone’s child?

Had a parent, for whatever reason(s) not sending their child (children or ward) to school they would be criticised by all the agencies in Barbados and around the world.

If my memory serves me correctly, we had a mother before the law courts for not sending a child to school for whatever reason(s).

I saw three girls from the said school one day and asked them their opinion on the matter, the most vocal of the group stated: “The headmistress could have picked it up herself,” and that she would not have picked it up either.

Had the principal seen her definitely drop the wrapper and she refused to pick it up, I guess some form of disciplinary action should be taken.

What happened to the writing of lines? Staying for detention? I know only too well of being suspended. I was adamant and stayed my ground for not taking lashes because of other students running in the corridors and making too much noise. I happened to be passing at the same time. That was at my alma mater St Leonard’s  Boys’ Secondary.

You are then given some correspondence to take home to your parents or ward to visit the school on the specified day. Matters are discussed and in most cases things are amicably resolved.

After reading Thursday, February 25, DAILY NATION, I read Roy Morris is backing the principal for her actions. Well, that is why differences of opinion matter. I’m backing the mother, we did agree on one thing though.

This matter has gone on way too long. Only one person here is really suffering – the child.