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Colorz so nice they did it twice


Colorz so nice they did it twice

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COLORZ ENTERTAINMENT’S Bryan Worrell and his merry band of revellers will be Jammin’ to Rio when they play mas’ this year.

After teasing revellers with sneak peeks of costumes this year on the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages in January, he told WEEKEND BUZZ that when registration started for the Foreday Morning band on February 1, the response was “really good”.

The aim is to have 1 000 revellers in four sections chipping along The City’s streets in the wee hours of July 29.

There are four female and four male sections under the central sections of Brazil with yellow, green and blue costumes representing gold, silver and bronze for the Olympic medals. There will be costumes for plus-size women as well.

“Right now the Gold and Brazil sections are half-full already for the women. Actually, one of those sections is over half and the other is half. It is still early and as a projection, it is moving faster this year than it has before. We’re almost at 300 people registered right now and we have people registering every day. Online we have about 25 people already registered,” Worrell said.

“We also have a lot of newcomers, people who would have tried to get in last year and got there late. Those were some of the first people to come and actually sign up,” he said.

Where did the concept come from?

Jammin’ To Rio is drawn from the Olympics that will take place in Rio, Brazil, in the summer and around that time there will also be Crop Over. Right now it is not on anyone’s mind but around Crop Over everyone will be consumed by Olympics.

“Even before we finished our band last year, I had the concept and started planning. There has been a social media release and I opened registration based on the release but the official launch will come in May and if we get set with the Kadooment stuff we’ll probably bring it forward a few weeks to April,” he said.

This year for the first time Colorz is bringing a band for Grand Kadooment and it will carry the same theme as Foreday Morning.

Worrell said: “We will have a Grand Kadooment band and I am designing. I want to learn the process I don’t just want to give it to somebody to do and then it’s their creative mind that does it, I actually have a vision of what I want my band to be and what I want it to look like so the best person I think to do that would be me along with my wife Carolyn and my family. I bounce things off them and my wife is there to assist me in making costumes.

“My wife worked in band houses for a number of years with her sister and her mother used to work with Gwyneth Squires so they are familiar with what it takes to make costumes. I got my research off YouTube but I have worked in a band house before with Berger Boyz.

The Kadooment band will be much smaller around 500 revellers or so with four sections – Samba, Lambada, Mamacita, and Globeleza. He is catering for 400 women and 100 men with 25 men per section. (GBM)