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FLYING FISH & COU COU: New lead man soon


FLYING FISH & COU COU: New lead man soon

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A VERY FAMILIAR face could be the man giving directions in The Pine in short order.

Reports from all across Barbados, from Heywoods, St Peter, to Dash Valley, St George, to Oxnards, St James, have indicated that a bubbly burly fellow with an effervescent smile will soon be stepping into the shoes that many many others previously have tried to fill, but simply found too big.

His forte is customer relations, marketing and some public relations and he has a clear preference for giving the facts as they unfold.

But, if he undertakes the journey then he may find it neigh difficult to ensure balance in what he tells one and all.

He has been welcomed into homes across this island both in the evening and the morning, and is known to be a foodie.

Once described as a supporter of the GOP when he lived in another land, he is a strong Democrat in this island.

This man has a lot of pedigree, thanks to his famous lineage. With his warm embrace, this man will have a task on his hand if the people who sit down to discuss business on Thursdays give the green light to his appointment.

He will have to ensure that the debts of the albatross in The Pine do not mount anymore, although, even now, they are said to be so high that the landmark is being described as pure dead weight.

On the question of whether there can really be credibility and productivity, these are likely to be beyond even his capabilities.

That’s a wrap.

Watching and waiting

WELLl, WELL, WELL. What is good for the goose should most certainly be good for the gander.

That is all a number of Florence’s children, grandchildren and even friends have been saying this past week.

They feel that the stern and firm action taken against a wayward relative and niece should also apply to  other members of the extended family.

Some who witnessed the outburst felt it was totally unbecoming that these two spinsters should be able to get away with their loud, rambunctious behaviour after the young stag standing on Government Hill became the centre of intense interest.

To make matters worse, people all over The Ivy, in Carrington Village and  those behind the high old walls seem to have heard an outbreak of language skills more notably displayed among hagglers caught up in an intense sales pitch.

And to think it had to do with an object that many people now prefer to get and keep online with all the supporting material.

The situation was so bad that one sweet sounding I-man had to apologise to some who heard and overheard.

He said it would have been a disgrace if the people in places as far away as Boscobel, St Peter, or even nearby Constitution Road had heard what was going on.

My, my. People are waiting to see what the outcome will be.

PR downgrade

THE BIG TALKING POINT among the power elites this week was the recognition that public relations is low on the totem pole of some in that particular class.

One man said the point was clearly understood, given that this is the first time in 40 years that there is no PR officer or secretary to the man with the real power in all of this land.

So little wonder that others who must fall in line dismiss PR as a humbug . . . that is until pressed against the wall.

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