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Third party would serve need for freshness, change

Michael Ray

Third party would  serve need for freshness, change

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YET MORE and more cold water is being poured on the idea of a third political party.

A Government minister and now another “academic” have given the thumbs down to the formation of another political party.

In this enlightened post-colonial period of our existence, one would have thought that the very persons who place such a high premium on “change” and the concept of “thinking outside the box”, would be running with breakneck celerity to embrace the idea of a third party.

There is no benefit in limiting the choices of the electorate and changing from one party to the other every ten or 15 years. There is need for some freshness and change in the political life and culture of our country brought about by new personalities, new thinking and new initiatives.

Let us change and think outside the box.

Let us practise what we preach.

Michael Ray