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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Hell no! Not ’bout hey

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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Hell no! Not ’bout hey

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LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, the government boots. So sang Gabby in  one of his famous calypsos

And just imagine all them young recruits falling in and marching up and down

Well all the talk this week from Pinfold Street to Bush Hill to just beyond Seawell has been about a mighty backdoor bandit who has been leading the assault on a number of young unsuspecting neophytes.

This rimrod figure, who likes to see his fancy shoes shining bright and not a speck on his clothing, has a history, a long one. So, the local equivalent of the MI5 did their work and were able to say yes, the claims and counter-claims are true.

So a man, who sees Rawle Parkinson as his role model, said no hanky panky must happen under his watch, whether near the Flour Mill, not between Bay Street and Hastings, not even near the choppy seas past Charnocks.

The short, smiling man said nothing must taint his organisation and said it was not Gabby he wanted to hear but Adonijah singing his popular song of recent times: left, right, left, right, left right now.

Loafers caught in act

Two cackling trainers operating out in the My Lord’s Hill area were literally caught red-handed in a place and at a time they should not have been.

It seems as if they wanted to do like most Bajans and cash in on a very early morning quicky to the home of the Knicks, the Mets, Red Bulls and  Jets. As sporting people they seem to think that would be the best place to be.

But even before they could ease out to sneak back in, lo and behold who should they butt up on at Grantley’s house but one of the bigwigs who is always in My Lord’s Hill.

This personage observed and then asked people all across My Lord’s Hill how come two queens could be away from duties at a time when it is so busy and every hand was needed to tend to the flowers.

Well, the matter was taken to a group of people who were singing that old gospel favourite, Power In The Blood, who were adamant that you can not run off to cash in on special deals whether it be president’s day or  heroes day. But these cackling hens are eye-catching and have attracted  attention from the right places, so it seems no misfortune will befall them.

The situation has some of the people walking up and down My Lord’s Hill grumbling and talking out loud  since they feel that the group, which always sing Power In The Blood, are not putting things in the scale and getting the balance, especially after two of those in the same district were told not to frequent that area for a period after breaching the rules and regulations.

The entire group, which frequents the My Lord’s Hill area, is now waiting to see what will be the final outcome of this caper.

True colours revealed

African Awareness celebrations have become popular across Barbados throughout February. Schools are now promoting the activity more than ever.

Yet it seems as if some haven’t caught on or are simply annoyed that the ancillary staff sparkle when given the chance to don their garments that reflect the pride of the motherland.

Well, one bossy chief seemed pretty upset when the lowly worker with headgear turned up to the cheers of the little ones and the smiles of affection from the adults to do her duties bedecked in her printed robes.

Not around here was the order given, which left people bewildered and may be considered a topic of discussion for an upcoming sitting of the Senior Parliament.