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New life for Bradshaw


New life for Bradshaw

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THE THEN fresh-faced teenager, who had teamed up with the notorious Winston Hall and David Oliver three decades ago, has vowed to help young people and those he left behind in prison.

Peter Bradshaw, 49, was speaking on the outside of HMP Dodds as he began a new chapter of his life – freedom after 30 years behind bars.

Bradshaw was convicted of killing Francia Plantation manager Cyril Sisnett in December 1985. He escaped the hangman’s noose when his death sentence was commuted and was eventually freed by the local Privy Council.

Here, Bradshaw (left) with his few prison possessions, approaching the gate at HMP Dodds in the company of two guards as he prepared to take his first steps of freedom yesterday morning. (Picture by Heather-Lynn Evanson.)