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Tread carefully, Sanders, on marijuana promise


Tread carefully, Sanders, on marijuana promise

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BERNIE SANDERS, who is competing against Hillary Clinton to become the Democratic Party’s nominee to represent the Democrats in the United States  elections for president in 2016 is reported to have said that should he become the new president he would legalise marijuana (The American public seem to be ensuring that that reality doesn’t eventuate).

He was pressured by journalists, I believe, into admitting that he smoked marijuana twice already in his lifetime. At 75 years old, I would like to know under what circumstances he smoked the weed. Whether he did it as a teenager or as a middle-aged man or as an older person.

Did he use it for religious, recreational or health reasons? Was he sick? Was he encouraged to use it by others? Was he self-motivated? What happened when he used it? Twice would not suggest a regular user anyhow.

I would like to know and others would want to hear, whether his thinking has anything to do with the fact that he smoked it on two occasions previously. What is his reasoning?

How would he regulate its use? Would he be willing or able to say in what ways he would do that should he become president? Or is he setting up the United States for a fall unknown to him?

Many people have spoken about the merits and demerits of using this substance. Mr Sanders has rightly said that marijuana is not the “harder” stuff, but there is no denying that it is “hard” stuff.

Without carrying out any scientific analysis, there is enough evidence to suggest or can become a “gateway” drug. At least, I think so.

So, tread cautiously, Mr Sanders. The whole world is listening to you.