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DEAR CHRISTINE: Let children know they are special

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Let children know they are special

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Dear Christine,

MY LETTER is in response to one which recently appeared in your column. It dealt with teaching children concerning sex education and enlightening them on the dos and don’ts of teenage life.

I have been a teacher for almost three decades and have invested these years in the lives of young people. You stated in your response to the letter writer that parents needed to provide their children with sex education because this is what will help them make informed choices. May I present some pearls of wisdom from my experience and observations in working with youth?

Parents should do all they possibly can to help their children feel successful. They should also be their children’s greatest fans and encourage them to participate in activities that challenge and enrich them. Parents also ought to be generous with praise for efforts and accomplishments; take time to write their children special notes and give them cards that contain messages of love and pride.

They should also do things together – as a family; hug their children and actually tell them that they care for and love them.

The care and effort parents extend to their children in helping them build strong self-esteem will generate huge dividends in the form of healthy, wholesome choices when they become teenagers and young adults.

I can still hear my 25-year-old nephew telling me that as a child he always felt like a “good person” because I always told him what a good kid he was. He later became a teacher.

– S.T.


Dear S.T.,

Thanks for an excellent letter which really needs no explanation. I wish there were more letters of this sort coming my way each week.

It’s surely food for thought not only for parents, but for each individual who performs the role of care-taker/teacher/guardian to children.