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FAMILY FUSION: Worthy women

Reverend Haynesley Griffith, [email protected]

FAMILY FUSION: Worthy women

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A charming woman… doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself. – Loretta Young

WOMEN are not mistakes to be corrected, but gems to be admired and valued. When God skilfully designed the woman at the beginning of time. He never intended for her to view herself as less in value than her male counterpart.

As it relates to her husband, God never placed her as an appendage to be discarded at will, but rather as a partner of worth and a person of excellence. When a woman pictures herself as less than that, she is devaluing herself and falling short of God’s expressed purpose for her life.

Over the years, women have been made to believe that their role is to be at the beck and call of men, rather than work alongside them to fulfil their God-given mandate of creating a unified family environment. Such a togetherness would lend itself to families operating as harmoniously as possible with the goal of creating a strong, secure and successful society. Women, visualize yourselves as accepting gifts of self, spouse, seed, and the Saviour from the hands of God.

Accept the gift of self

When you accept the gift of self, you are accepting that you are fearfully and wonderfully designed by a caring and concerned Creator. There is no duplicate of you anywhere in the world. God chose you to be on the earth at this time to fulfil a specific purpose, which no one else is qualified to accomplish. God never made you half or a percentage of a woman; all of the potential to do great things is already imbedded in you. You are a whole person and you do not need any human being to make you complete.

Therefore, accept your looks, gifts, talents, and acquired skills; never be in competition with anyone. Put a high rating on yourself no matter what your past experiences may have been. Never see failing as a final destination but use those times that you may have failed as opportunities to climb higher, and grow stronger in the pursuit of God’s purpose for your life and for the people that He will place within your circle of influence. Never say never! Remember the most important human relationship you must have is with yourself. Develop a genuine love for yourself. If you cannot honestly accept yourself, it is impossible to genuinely accept other people especially your spouse.

Accept the gift of spouse

Should you have the honour of marrying, never see marriage as first a legal contract. Marriage is a unique divine calling to work with God, your spouse and offspring to help foster a productive and progressive home environment. Women, as you see your marriage as the God-established backbone for a cohesive society, understand that it requires ingredients such as commitment, love that is unconditional, fidelity that is firm, deep sharing that is genuine, respect that is solid, and growing intimacy that is vital.

A tall order? Of course! It is always a wonderful thing to have the husband and wife teamwork together to fulfil God’s purpose. Teamwork always works. Be an excellent contributor not just to your house, which is often made from material things like wood and concrete, but more so to your home, which has more durable “material” like unconditional love, peace, care, compassion, understanding, joy and of course the seed of your loin, your children.

Accept the gift of seed

Seed of course makes reference to children. Should God give you the treasure of children, biological or otherwise, you must see your responsibility as teaching them how to live wisely in a warring world. Expose them to the dynamics of their sexuality; educate them in business principles. Fashion them to be independent, ensuring that they will not be at the mercy of members of the opposite sex. Show them how valuable and special they are in this world. Help them to carve a path of excellence in all they do. Warn them about the pitfalls of life and empower them to go through their valleys of despair and despondency.

Listen to them. Play, laugh, and sing with them. Share their joys and sorrows, successes and failures, trials and triumphs. Above all, anchor them in a solid relationship with the God through whom they live and move and have their being. These actions will make you an outstanding model in their eyes. They will revel in the fact that they have not only a monument to behold but a legacy of excellence to follow, as God would have it.

Accept the gift of the Saviour

Accepting the gift of the Saviour must go beyond a mere surface experience with the only wise God, maker and ruler of the universe. You must see God as your intimate best friend, one with whom you can share any and everything, one with whom you are constantly planning times to express your deepest heart concerns. God must be first and foremost in your life, and all other relationships must take a distant second. You must not merely love God; you must be in love with Him.

When talking about accepting the gift of the Saviour, it must go deeper than uttering of words and sharing of testimonies. It must go beyond repeating prayers and singing familiar worship songs. It must go beyond prophesying and preaching; casting out devils or even making declarations in Jesus’ name.

Accepting the gift must be something that can stand the test of time and trials and emerge with the fruit of the Spirit, benefiting your family and society at large. See God as the only One who has every resource that you will ever need to be truly a worthy woman.

William James made a profound statement that I believe is applicable to all of you wonderful worthy women: “The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” Develop a positive attitude that will allow you to see yourself as highly favoured and flavoured by God to accomplish an invaluable, incredible, transforming work in this world. Be constructive world changers; be worthy women.

Haynesley Griffith is a marriage and family life consultant. Email: [email protected]