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Massage therapy in your home


Massage therapy in your home

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IF YOU EVER had any doubts that massage therapy works, have a conversation with Simeon Christophe.

As a former national track and field athlete in St Lucia, he has first-hand experience about the benefits of massages and what they can do to ease sore muscles and aches sustained from injuries, and chronic back pains.

His “keen interest in outdoor sports” and his frequent visits to a chiropractor for his chronic back pain, and the physical and massage therapists, whom he said contributed to his holistic development, piqued his interest and he wanted to learn more about the human body.

“I decided to do a massage course and part of it was learning human anatomy and physiology and basically learning all the systems in the body and how they relate to one another and how massage can benefit someone. So I did that course last year at a school called Personal Body Care and School of Holistic Therapies and knowing the credibility behind the UK qualification – ITEC – is one of the things that encouraged me to pursue the qualification with that school,” said the certified massage therapist.

The small business owner is a qualified quantity surveyor and project manager, and it was after completing his post graduate studies last October and the massage therapy course that he was made redundant from his job.

“I saw it as a period of transition. I took a break initially and tried to get my thoughts together and decided what I wanted to do, and, of course, knowing I have the sports background, and a keen interest in the human body and how it works as well, as holistic and complementary therapies, I decided it was probably a time for me to transition to what I really love. I’ve basically been using this opportunity to train myself and move fully into therapeutic studies,” he said.

Operating since November last year, he said finding the name Massage Works came easily as he could testify to “the benefits of massage”.

“Massages can benefit anyone, from any walk of life, any age group, any condition, be it sports, orthopaedic or cardiac related,” said the managing director.

“Since I started the business, I’ve been working with some athletes helping them with their injuries, namely hamstring, quad . . . . The type of training that I have and will be getting, because I’m also specialising in sports therapy now, will be geared towards assisting persons in basically helping them rehabilitate their injuries,” Christophe stated.

Instead of looking for a physical location, he prefers to be mobile, although he has not ruled that out from his business’ future.

“I like being mobile because some persons do not want to go to a spa. They would prefer to get treatment in the comfort of their home, it could be their patio, their outdoor garden. I’ve decided to make the business different. There’re a lot of persons who have spas in their homes.

“I decided to start off the business mobile because there might be someone in a wheelchair and not able to come to me and I am prepared to go to them. Also, if there is someone who is restricted to a bed because of a back injury I would go to them, if someone is more comfortable in their home I would go to them, I prefer to do that,” stated.

The businessman is confident about the future and noted that “. . . as the name gets out there and people experience the quality of service I’m offering I believe that the business will grow not just in doing massages but in the types of products I will eventually make available to persons.” (GBM)