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DEAR CHRISTINE: Justice system is a farce


DEAR CHRISTINE: Justice system is a farce

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Why is it that within our current justice system drug accusers receive years in prison for a “spliff of marijuana”, rape accused are given minimal sentences and murder accused are given bail?

I first started to pen a letter three months ago with the intention of sending it to the Commissioner of Police expressing my disgust with the justice system in Barbados. After much deliberation I decided not to pursue that course as I felt it would not make any difference.

After all, my family’s name does not have any “big connections” in Barbados. Hence, I felt the letter would have no impact and elicit no change.

My brother was murdered last year and the murder accused is currently out on bail. It is unbelievable that a murder accused is walking free among us and probably would not see a trial.

My brother’s life was obviously not viewed as significant by the relevant authorities. This was clearly indicated by how this matter was handled by the relevant investigators.

I can only rate their performance as disgustingly poor, from the time my brother was killed to the time the police actually arrived on the scene. There was no sense of urgency and events leading up to charging the accused were completely unacceptable.

My family and I continue to question the moral decline in Barbados in light of an increase in murders.

Not one person, including the prosecutor, has communicated to my mother or me regarding this case. At this point, I can only assume it will be swept under the carpet and there will be no trial.

I am the mother of two boys and once had some measure of faith in the police and justice system. However, the handling of the case to which I am referring has caused me to reflect and have different conversations with my sons.

It seems the only recourse to ensure the murder accused pays for his crime will be to hire an attorney at law. However, that will probably see me taking out a loan or borrowing against my mortgage.

I am praying that young people who commit horrendous crimes will awake and see what their actions are doing to their future and that of their children. 

– “Sophie.”

 Dear Sophie:

Your concern is one which has raised some questions among concerned Barbadians and even those within the judicial systems.

Maybe someone will dare “rise to the occasion” and explain why some murder accused are given bail and some are not? Why a man goes to jail for not paying child maintenance [and still cannot pay the monies when he is locked up] and yet murder accused are walking around free?

Maybe the Commissioner of Police or some learned magistrate will explain to the public why these things happen. I dare to hold my breath on this one.