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Laughter, advice as GG visits St Silas

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

Laughter, advice as GG visits St Silas

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THEY DRAMATISED IN fine style only the way St Silas Primary School could.

So much so that Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave broke out into bursts of laughter time and time again.

It was this morning during a much anticipated visit to the St James institution that the students of Orange Hill performed a re-enactment of Sir Elliott’s famous centenarian visits.

However, it was not entirely jollity as the Head of State urged teachers to set an acceptable standard of behaviour for their charges to imitate.

“Teachers are role models and must keep their conduct as such,” he said.

“Teachers say ‘if parents don’t care then why should I?’” he added.

“Teachers have a responsibility … and a good teacher can extract from a student what a poor teacher cannot,” Sir Elliott said.

The Governor General, who displayed much wit during his remarks, said that he made “little advancement” in life and so wanted to encourage those from humble beginnings like himself to press ahead through education. (MR)