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Teachers not right target for drug tests


Teachers not right target for drug tests

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AS A TEACHER I felt insulted and incensed. Teachers have been under attack in this country in most recent times by a public that does not really know or care to know what teachers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Children now have “the right” to openly abuse teachers, defy teachers and be totally obnoxious, even threatening teachers with violence all in the name of freedom of, expression and freedom of speech.

With all the “rights”, so many students, parents and people like Marshall are going dead wrong and I make no apologies for my position.

If Marshall is interested and concerned about children mixing with people taking drugs, then the school is not the place to target.

The suggestion to start with the child’s home environment would be a more logical approach. We have all kinds of individuals coming into contact with the children before and after school.

Children are shuttled to and from school; test the drivers annually. They travel in ZRs and Transport Board buses; test the drivers and other passengers. Go into the homes and test the relatives annually. Visit the hang-outs and test the limers on the block annually and give the teachers the respect due to them.

The fact that Marshall could pen a letter to the NATION, would suggest that he had to be taught by someone. Teachers are responsible for the education of the child who later becomes a doctor, lawyer, musician, bus driver, shop assistant, pilot and the list goes on.

An uncaring public should not expect sweat and blood from teachers who are continually castigated and treated with disrespect.