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Animal abusers should be punished


Animal abusers should be punished

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ANIMAL CRUELTY has reached levels that the heinous  devils disguised in human forms should be punished with jail time and you probably will not print the forms of torture that I feel they should have to endure.

The latest is a young female dog dumped below Brighton Plantation with a litter of puppies in a box . . . dead.

To the devil who did this and there are hundreds all over the island: The same way you drove to that spot and dumped them to die, could you nothave driven or called the RSPCA, a vet, or ask anyone what you could do with them? 

A few months ago, a man driving a large pick-up dumped a box with two small dogs in the canes by my entrance. Unfortunately, the witness did not get the number and did not realise there were two live animals in the box, which they had sealed evidently hoping they would not escape. Fortunately, I was able to feed them for several weeks, but it took five weeks before they would come to me. 

They were adopted by a caring neighbour as our yard is full of rescues. 

I quote this over and over as Barbadians say they are Christians, but I wonder sometimes.

The first book of the Bible says that after God made man, he put the fish in the sea, the fowl in the air, the cattle on the land and gave man dominion over them.