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TALKBACK: Full praise for Sada’s 200 record feats

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Full praise for Sada’s 200 record feats

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TRACK AND FIELD FANS who were at the National Stadium last Friday for the Powerade Barbados Secondary Schools’ Athletic Championships or watched the live broadcasts, were fortunate to witness a piece of history in the Under-20 girls’ 200 metres.

Sada Williams, now competing for Harrison College – she attended Coleridge and Parry School and still trains there with the Elite Distance Programme – signalled her intentions in the semi-finals, clocking 23.10 seconds and erasing Yolande Straughn’s 23.47 set at the very first championships in 1985. She returned in the final with a jaw-dropping 22.61 seconds, smashing the national record of 22.91 seconds set by Jade Bailey in 2008, to hold both junior and senior marks. It is also a qualifying time for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The praise poured in for Williams:

Gibson Jethro: Great run by Sada. She was smooth and very classy. This young lady is ready to take on the best in the world.

Matilda Eversley: Congratulations to Sada. She was so confident. Well done young lady; I will be hailing for you in Rio.

Andrea Atkins: I hope this young lady gets all the training and preparation she needs to do well at the 2016 Olympics. Start as soon as possible to get her ready.

Violeta Patricia Piggott: I watch her on evenings on CP pasture and she knows what she’s about. Well done; hard work really pays off.

June Antoinette Dorsett: Coleridge & Parry should take a bow. Well done, Sada.

Shamaine Andrew: Barbados uh begging wanna . . . Sada want de assistance from now.

Ronald Jones: Congratulations to Sada Williams and all competitors.

Carolyn Leacock: Tears came to eyes as I watched the race. She is fantastic.

Keisha King: When we touch down de whole place shell down. Congrats! I feel like if it is me; whoopwhoop.

Joy Patricia Knight-Lynch: Congratulations to her and all those young athletes.

Juliana Taylor: That was an awesome race!!!!!

Alicia Beckles: Congrats to Sada; keep working towards your goal of being a great athlete.

Ingrid Benn: Well done Sada, I am wishing goods things for you. I know you can go faster and I know you can medal in Rio.

Verna Thompson Coma: Congrats, you thrill my heart.

Sharon Cave: Congratulations. Now, can’t the relevant authorities see that we need a new stadium? Every year after BSSAC there is a lot of talk. There is lots of talent in Bim. What is the holdup? This is looonnngggg overdue. Instead of spending all that money for the 50th celebration, spend it constructing a modern stadium for our athletes to use.

Dianne Griffith: Congratulations all the way. You are simply magnificent. You brought tears to my eyes. Well done. Keep it up. May God continue to bless you in all you do.