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Harassed to buy liquor at the airport


Harassed to buy liquor at the airport

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I LIVED in Barbados for many years prior to moving to the United States several years ago. I love visiting, but on my last two trips I felt disgusted! I’m always one to overpack thus needing help from one the guys that you pay to assist in rolling your luggage through Customs.

Two years ago, I bought some duty free alcohol not knowing that there is a limit to how much can be purchased. Upon going through Customs, the officer while checking my bags informed me that they will keep the excess and upon leaving the island I could pick it up or I could buy her two Absolute vodkas and she will let me slide.

The guy that was assisting with my luggage asked me to buy him two bottles of Baileys, for why? Really! I declined, and left my alcohol. I was very upset that they both tried to hustle me.

This last visit, I was hesitant about getting help but I’m a new mom and it’s hard carrying the little one and suitcases. I didn’t buy alcohol, but the guy that assisted with my luggage did the same thing. He wanted two bottles of Absolute vodka – for what? Pushing my luggage? Really, are you kidding me? My husband was very upset at this and let him have it as he isalso disgusted. This seems to be the trend. I can tell you or anyone this isn’t ok.

Additionally, the Customs Officers and these guys work together as on both occasions they only wanted us to go in a line that they pick! What a mess!

When I left the island two years ago, I did stop and pick up the alcohol they kept. It took forever to retrieve it and I did ask to speak with someone in charge. He didn’t seem to care that his fellow officers were trying to solicit alcohol from visitors in exchange for, only God knows what!