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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Doubts over Second XI


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Doubts over Second XI

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That was the question being asked over and over last weekend and even early in the past week.

Many people were asking whether it was the captain alone or if selectors were involved and who were the selectors. Supporters of the club, some wearing red, others white, could not understand how for a T20 match being staged on a popular ground in The City a second 11 team could be chosen.

Some people are wondering whether the first line players asked not to be chosen, whether they were boycotting the game because they did not want to play with the captain or whether they were resting and preparing for a one-off test match coming up.

But regardless of the reasons why the senior players were not in the squad, people who witnessed the match said they missed the lanky fast bowler from Grazettes, as well as the short googly bowler from Belleplaine. The hard-hitting batsman from Bathsheba was also out of the team, as was the all-rounder from Bagatelle.

The match was missing some key elements and one batsman from Blenheim was caught swiping wild outside the off stumps trying to please the crowd by going for a six.

Even some fans of T20 cricket wondered why it was not played a night when more fans could have come out to give support and are wondering whether it was held then to capture media attention the next day.

Some longing for unity

SOME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN making demands for money dating back some years while themselves owing people money dating back over an even longer period.

While this irony or ironies is being played out at the House of Lord Horatio, the members of the platoon there are not at all smiling.

So some have decided that the only option is to have some Unity in the place so that the majors, colonels and chief-of-staff will understand that there could be a revolt.

Forms have been collected and all the questions raised, so the next step will be to meet with the major, who was once a captain leading a platoon at Horatio’s camp.

If there is no settlement it could be a showdown some would rather not happen, not even the Young Turks.    

To China with hope  

THE QUESTION is being asked all over Belleville and even on Roebuck Street, why two sons and a daughter were romping around in China.

The trio, now popularly referred to as Landi, Qiaozhi and LinYin, were apparently on a mission all in preparation for a big day coming soon.

It is not clear whether they visited Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou in the effort to source all the goodies they need at cheap prices.

Since they will have to come via the slow boat from the Far East, it is important to return home and organise all the funds so that things can get here early, very early.

The one thing all associated with the long journey say it did not involve any discussion with the Chinese transportation officials nor in getting a first-hand view of how the rural people in any of the provinces live.

And since there is no free meal in life, the question is who is paying for this memorable ride.