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HEALING HERBS: Black beans beautiful for healthy body

ANNETTE MAYNARD-WATSON, [email protected]

HEALING HERBS: Black beans beautiful for healthy body

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HOW MANY READERS of this column have ever consumed black beans with brown rice or stewed them and mixed them in a smoothie? Well, if you do not know anything about silent doctor black beans, you need to read this article.

Black beans contain protein, thiamin, folate, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, copper and zinc. They have many health benefits that are very impressive. Men who need a bedroom boost should be encouraged to consume more black beans.

Research on the web page revealed that black beans can reduce impotence and erectile dysfunction in older men. It also drew attention to the ability of black beans to assist in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Black beans can assist in preventing certain cancers, and prevent weight gain if combined with other healthy lifestyle modifications. These precious beans can also prevent constipation and keep the digestive tract healthy.

It is noted on the web page “Given the impressive array of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients in black beans, we have not been surprised to see numerous studies connecting black bean intake with reduced risk of certain cancers, especially colon cancer.” 

The absence of cholesterol in black beans is potentially excellent for the cardiovascular system and reduces the danger of heart disease. According to “They have slightly anti-hypertensive effects, which means that they can improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and put less strain or oxidative stress on the cardiovascular system as a whole.”

I implore readers to research the other health benefits of black beans as related to diabetes.

You can incorporate black beans in your diet through consuming soups, salads, cakes, smoothies, ice creams, stews and in other culinary dishes. You can make a bean dip by adding 1/2 cup cooked blended beans to chopped garlic, onion and lime juice. You can also make a festive Caribbean taco salad by adding one cup of cooked black beans to 1/2 cup chopped lettuce, one slice of diced avocado pear, two slices diced tomato, salsa and vegetarian cheese. Go out and buy or plant your black beans.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable bank holiday.

• Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via [email protected] or by telephone 250-6450.

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