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Free Wi-Fi in A&E


Free Wi-Fi in A&E

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VISITORS TO THE ACCIDENT AND EMERGENCY (A&E) Department can keep their relatives up-to-date on their loved one’s medical progress on various social media platforms thanks to provision of free Wi-Fi from Promotech Business Solutions.

Given the expense associated with expanding or repairing the existing system, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board of Management reached out to Promotech to present a solution suitable for the hospital’s setting.

wifiAccording to Promotech’s ICT Manager, Jason Bowen, the company used its international experience and previous work in the medical and hospitality sectors, to successfully design, develop and deploy a flexible publically available wireless solution for A&E.

“This wireless technology will allow persons to keep in contact with loved ones with updates as they occur via various social media options available to provide some measure of comfort to relatives or to pass the time surfing, streaming videos and music while utilising a reliable broadband.” 

Manager of Information Systems at the hospital, Cameron Connolly, welcomed the partnership with Promotech.

“The successful deployment and design of this wireless hot spot solution in the A&E enables us to readily extend coverage with seamless roaming between devices.  Additionally, the segregation of public access from the secure corporate network for the medical staff prevents any co-mingling of traffic while ensuring that the enabling environment can be easily administered.” (PR)