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Pine payment office temporarily moving to Oistins


Pine payment office temporarily moving to Oistins

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THE BARBADOS REVENUE Authority (the Authority) and the Barbados Licensing Authority (BLA) recently announced plans to temporarily relocate the accounts section from the Pine to the Oistins branch of the Authority.  This move takes effect from Tuesday, April 5.

According to Carolyn Williams-Gayle, manager, communications and public relations, Barbados Revenue Authority, the temporary move was necessitated by renovations which the Ministry of Transport and Works has scheduled for the payment section at the Pine.

“These renovations which have been a long time in coming, are critical to enhancing staff and customer comfort as well as for improving customer flow. We looked at several options in relation to relocating and moving these operations to our Oistins branch is the most efficient one at this time,” she explained.

“Together with the Barbados Licensing Authority and the Ministry of Transport and Works, we are working to limit the impact that the relocation may have on customers and to minimise any disruptions over the six-month period.”

In order to facilitate the relocation, the accounts section at the Pine will close at noon on Friday, April 1 and the Oistins branch will close on Monday, April 4. Operations at Oistins will resume on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. During the renovation period, the Oistins branch will handle all of the payments associated with the BLA only, while normal operations will continue at all other branches.

Virgil Knight, chief licensing officer (ag) of the BLA, indicated that his department will also have a presence at the Oistins facility.

“As a means of improving service delivery, there will be two camera centres in operation for licensing. The one here at the Pine will remain open during the renovation period and we will be reopening the camera centre at Oistins by the start of the relocation,” he said.

Williams-Gayle added that there will be a period of adjustment associated with the relocation.

“Ensuring that customers can continue to make payments is our priority. While understandably challenging, this relocation is only a temporary situation and there will be some inconveniences, however, we look forward to patience and understanding,” she highlighted.

“Everything may not be perfect at the start, but together with the Ministry and the BLA we will be monitoring those areas where change may be required and we will work to fine-tune them,” she added. (PR)