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Robotics lessons for teachers

LISA KING, [email protected]

Robotics lessons for teachers

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AT LEAST 25 teachers from some of the island’s secondary schools will learn about robotics over a three-day workshop at the Erdiston Teacher’s Training College.  They will also learn simple coding.

The workshop which started today is expected to allow the teachers to go back to their schools and develop programmes, introduce robotics to their classes or develop an extracurricular activity.

The training, being held by the Erdiston Teachers Training College and the Caribbean Science Foundation, was organised by Dr Ramona Archer-Bradshaw.

The senior teacher and science tutor said the workshop will sensitise teachers on robotic skills and how they can use it to nurture the budding scientists in their schools.

She said numbers in students pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects was decreasing dramatically over the years and supposedly because students were not attracted to it or viewed it as hard to pursue. Minster of Education Ronald Jones said teachers had to also ensure their mode of delivery of the subjects not only sparked but kept the students interest. (LK)