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Praise for Massy worker

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

Praise for Massy worker

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Those were some of the words used to describe Natalie Rouse, a worker at the Massy Stores Supermarket in Worthing, Christ Church. She has been praised for going beyond her regular duties to help visually impaired Anna Beckles, a regular customer of the store.

Rouse’s simple, yet profound actions were highlighted by Rudolph Smith, a shopper who had witnessed her patient and caring actions first-hand.

Describing the Massy employee as a pleasant young woman, Smith told the WEEKEND NATION that he had watched and then complimented the 33-year-old Rouse on her selfless efforts.

“I asked her if she was accustomed doing this and she said yes. But she said she liked to do it because it gives her the opportunity to [consider] that when she gets older someone would look after her that type of way,” Smith said.

Enjoys helping

A reserved Rouse chalked up her helpfulness to the fact that she enjoyed helping people.

Rouse, who works at the checkout counter, explained that Beckles had asked for help some time ago and so once she had received clearance from her supervisor, she was prepared to act as Beckles’ guide. She explained that the process could sometimes take hours.

“I started to ask her what items she wanted. She explained to me what she needed and I said we’d go aisle by aisle and I would tell you what’s in the aisle and [she] would tell me what [she] needed in particular,” the Massy Stores worker said.

“So we just walked and I picked up. I gave her some of the items to let her feel to make sure it was the right thing and the right size,” she added.

When contacted, a thankful Beckles said that she had been inspired by what took place as such care was not always exhibited to people with disabilities and described it as a classic example of how a blind person should be dealt with.

“I felt very inspired yesterday because everybody is not always nice. I happened to butt up on a very nice person yesterday and I felt very inspired that she assisted me greatly. She was very patient and she was tolerant,” Beckles said.

Waited for shuttle

That patience and tolerance extended past the shopping as theWEEKEND NATION was informed that Rouse waited with Beckles on the bench outside at her request, until the supermarket’s shuttle arrived.

General manager at Massy Stores Supermarket Worthing Wavel Lander-Fraser, also praised the thoughtful assistance Rouse had provided and explained that it was a trademark of the chain’s workers.

“It has always been our policy to assist people who are challenged. On a weekly basis we get people who are blind coming into a store and our staff would assist them. Our staff is trained in that kind of caring behaviour,” she said.

Lander-Fraser added that the store had taken additional steps to accommodate the physically challenged by having parking spaces and a motorised scooter for those who needed that assistance.

“Our vision and mission is about caring and we do care very deeply about our customers no matter who they are,” she said.

“We have motorised scooters and wheelchairs, but the most important part is that the staff is always willing.” (AD)

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