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Orchids at play


Orchids at play

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ORCHID GROWERS put their best blooms forward when the Barbados Orchid Society staged its mini show Orchid Fireworks at the Balls Plantation home of the Barbados Horticultural Society on March 20.

And president Carolyn Parris-Boyce was extremely pleased with the numbers who exhibited and the quality of the flowers.

She explained that about 25 people had entered separate displays, while 14 members had entered floral arrangements with orchids being the dominating feature.

“There were small displays to larger displays and the quality of the orchids is impressive and variety to show is impressive. So I am extremely pleased with the performance and participation by members,” Parris-Boyce said.

“This show is an interim in-house mini show because we have a show, every two years, which is open to the public. We have the mini shows so the members could hone their skills in presenting orchids for exhibits, entering them, understanding how to enter them, how to present them, how to stake them,” she explained.

The idea, she told EASY magazine, was for the society’s members to get the hang of exhibiting their blooms and therefore, dispense with any fear of participating in major shows.

She admitted some orchid growers might have been subjected to the whim of their orchids which might come into bloom the following week.

“We have also been trying to focus on members doing their own displays, setting up a little display here and there,” she said.

The theme Orchid Fireworks also allowed members to be creative. Some added falling stars or fireworks to bring out the theme.