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Not in favour of full-face veils


Not in favour of full-face veils

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I AM WRITING this letter regarding the continual matter of Muslims here in Barbados and facial covering. In my opinion, no person or persons should be allowed to wear obscure facial covering in either the airport or seaport of this country. Barbados is made up of 96 percent of descendents of Africans three percent whites and a sprinkle mixture of the former planters.

Let this be noted. I have spent almost the whole of my working life in the United Kingdom.

It is a harrowing experience to encounter a person coming towards you dressed in black with only two slits showing the eyes only. In many cases you can only identify the sexes by looking down at the size of their feet.

When Muslims move into an area in the United Kingdom, the English move out.

The whole neighbourhood is then changed to suit the Muslims.

This our motherland is a Christian country and may it remain so for countless generations to come. Only as recently as last November, a family living in the English Midlands converted to Christianity and was victimised, stones were thrown at their house, their children were harassed at school; in short, they were forced out. I say ban the invasion; close the stable door before the horse gets out. I have a historical right; in this our motherland my ancestors were the planters of this country.