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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Calling out the Count


FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Calling out the Count

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THINGS ALMOST TURNED into pure bacchanal this week.

It all had to do with a plot publicly outlined by a supporter of the local branch of the GOP who felt that the “wild boys” should be brought to their knees.

He had a grand plan which he felt was better than any undertaken by the woman in white and her foot soldiers. After all, every attempt to make The Silent One in the near corner throw in the towel had failed in this, the longest ever local slugfest. Well, this brazen Count of Black Rock, who is also sometimes referred to as the Viscount of Six Roads, suggested that the nobility across the land, whether their kingdom was grand or small, should not share of their wealth as is expected.

It was not based on guidance from those skilled in avoidance, which is legal. It was not taking the route of evasion, which is unlawful; it was not even shaming. It was based on downright withholding to ensure the Mayor of Goodland would be squeezed and left with an empty briefcase.

But, a brown-skinned young lady-in-the court, who had to jump off a pleasure boat in recent times to take command of pressing matters at home, verbally flagellated the Count for his suggestion. She quietly and calmly told him his idea had nothing to do with innovative accounting, as some people in the kingdom like to recommend. Rather the idea was nothing more than sheer bravado and to follow through on that folly would only create more problems and set a terrible example.

It would be sure to make many who like to follow John Wesley and his creed become nothing more than outcast in this fair land.  

The legacy question


That was the question many people were asking of a political regenerate who has burst onto the scene once again.

Smelling the sweets and seeing the honey at the end of the line, some in the riding said they do not remember two significant comments from this reincarnated man while on the stumps in the past.

What this old flame, whose courtship seeks to return him to fame and glory since he already has a fortune, was famously known for was his “stuffed suitcase.”      

Mirror image smudged

THE WORDS THIS WEEK from a brilliant young man caused many people in the Republic of the Bearded Fig Tree to take off their masks and look at themselves in the mirror. He said that even if the examinations by the respected T.I. did not uncover any wrongdoing by Peter and Mary, a closer look would show that Paul and Martha may be standing up straight but still getting their hands in the cookie jar.

His comments supported the calls by many that cameras be put in place and even a recorder was necessary to record all that was said and why an annual polygraph test was also important. The populace now awaits the Pouting Princess as well as the rulers of the House of Horatio to hear their comments on this guru’s claims about the indecent proposal made to him.

The comments by this offshore son of gentry in the land of the Bearded Fig Tree highlights what many say has been happening here for a long time and is now endemic to the land. It is not only at a lowly level but, many say, amongst the movers and shakers, even if only spoken about when people who know have wine glasses in their hands and are nibbling on cheese, crab cakes and samosas.

Can Tyrone from the north and his examiners unearth anything startling? Is the office of the Toothless Bulldog capable of coming up with malpractice? Will anyone take the work the other Trottie and his team on Roebuck Street serious or even to the next level? And what about the fellow Randy who likes a lot of cricket. What will he do? Or will it all always go through the sieve even after the young man’s warnings.

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