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Some questions for Minister Jones


Some questions for Minister Jones

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BARBADIANS ARE THOROUGHLY fed up and annoyed at the uncalled for utterings of Minister of Education Ronald Jones with regard to what is happening in our schools and especially with relation to the teacher who was advised by his union to report to the Ministry of Education for work assignments. 

They are some very pressing questions that need to be answered by the minister.  

1. Did he personally tell the teacher he must report to the school where he and his personal property were vandalised?

2. In the absence of any such statement from the minister in his comment (as reported in The NATION of Friday, April 15), did the minister investigate the student and or the school?

3. Will the minister accompany the teacher to the school and if not will he advise anyone from his ministry or the police to accompany him there for his personal safety?

4. Has the minister or other relevant authorities done anything significant with the student and if so may we the public know what action has been taken not only now but in the future?

5. Is the minister now blaming the teachers for what is happening at the schools? 

6. Is the minister advising the teacher in this manner simply because the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union president is involved in this very serious matter at the schools?

Finally, Mr Minister, please let us know what else your ministry is doing about Combermere School problems beside searching in the wrong directions for solutions.


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