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Brathwaite: Take responsibility for your actions

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, [email protected]

Brathwaite: Take responsibility for your actions

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THE CASE OF THE 38-year-old woman with 12 children who ran to the media for help shows that something is significantly wrong with people’s value systems.

It smacks, said Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite (below), of people not taking responsibility for their actions. adriel-brathwaite

Speaking at a St James South Democratic Labour Party branch meeting last night, Brathwaite said he was so upset when he saw the story in the last WEEKEND NATION that he immediately flipped the page.

“When I read of someone putting their hand up, saying ‘I am 38 years with 12 children, I need your help’, I actually turned the page. I didn’t spend lots of time on it. You want to know why? Because again it is something wrong with our value system,” he said. 

Brathwaite used his mother as an example of someone who made ends meet without running to the media and begging for help.

“And I say it all too often, and it upsets me, that now we have a culture in this country that says do what you want, don’t take responsibility, run to the newspaper, run to Maria who cares and all your problems will be solved,” he declared.

“And that’s part of what has gone wrong with this country. We are not telling people to take responsibility and this is why our measures over the last couple of years have been so unpopular because we have not accepted that there will come a point in time, as a country, when the country would only be able to take people so far and that people would have to take responsibility,” he said. (HLE)

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