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DEAR CHRISTINE: Disappointed that she’s not a virgin

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Disappointed that she’s not a virgin

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Dear Christine,

FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS I’ve come to love a really nice girl.

However, my problem is that when I asked her if she had ever been with anyone before me, she said she had one brief experience with a previous boyfriend who now lives overseas.

Although I believe that women should do what they want, I’ve always wanted to marry a virgin.

I know it may sound somewhat odd, but it’s really playing on my mind, and I just don’t feel the same about marrying her any more.

Please tell me what you think, Christine.

– J

Dear J,

Look at it this way. You asked her a question to which she could have easily responded: “It’s none of your business”.

She didn’t. She told you the truth and now, because she didn’t evade you or tell you the lie you wanted to hear, she may lose you.

Given the choice, which would you rather have: a girl who is technically a virgin, or a partner who is honest with you?

You can cling to your ambition and go looking for a virgin, or you can recognise that love is nothing to do with anybody’s past but is what exists here and now between a man and woman who love each other.


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